Call in Studio


How Pricing Works Call In Studio operates on a pre-paid basis. You deposit money into your account and all phone calls are charged against your balance.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal. You may opt to have your credit card automatically recharged when your balance falls below a threshold you specify.

The minimum deposit is $35. Deposits of $250 receive an additional $15 bonus, and deposits of $500 receive a $50 bonus.

To add funds to your account, click here.

Per-Minute Pricing Most calls into or out of the Call In Studio platform are 3 cents/minute. Toll-free incoming calls are 6 cents/minute, and some calls to/from higher-rate numbers are billed as indicated for those calls. All calls are billed in one-minute increments and rounded up to the nearest whole cent.

Buy A Custom Phone Number You must purchase at least one phone number and assign it to your show or meeting in order to accept calls from listeners. Phone numbers are available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and several other countries starting at $9/month. Toll-free phone numbers in the U.S./Canada are $12/month.

You may search and find a phone number suitable to you in most area codes in the U.S. and Canada. Porting an existing phone number into Call in Studio will incur a $35 service fee (please write support for more info).

So What Is It Really Going To Cost Me? Paying per-use allows you to manage your costs, and you only pay for what you actually use. Your base cost is as low as $9/mo (or $12/mo for a toll-free number) plus the cost of calls. When setting up your show or meeting, you can control how many simultaneous callers you're willing to accept on hold at given time. Once your show or meeting reaches the maximum specified callers, any additional callers will hear a busy signal (and busy signals are free).

Below is a chart outlining the maximum cost of a one-hour show or meeting. This chart assumes using a local number billed at $0.03/min and that the maximum number of callers will be always be connected. However, in the real world and with a modest size show, your mileage will vary with actual use, often being less than what's illustrated below.

Keep in mind also that Call in Studio requires the host of the show or meeting to be connected via a phone call or through the Web browsering using our WebRTC connection, as do any call screeners you may have to screen calls.

Maximum Cost Per-Hour of Show or Meeting Produced
Description Maximum
Host / Screener
Total Calls
Max Minutes
Max Cost/Hr
Light Call Volume
No Call Screener
2 1 0 3 180 $5.40
Medium Call Volume
One Call Screener
5 1 1 7 420 $12.60
Heavy Call Volume
Two Call Screeners
15 1 2 18 1,080 $32.40

In other words, a one-hour, weekly show or meeting with light to medium call volume can expect to spend approximately $25-$50/mo, including the cost of a phone number.

What Happens If I Run Out of Money? If your balances reaches zero during a show or meeting session, all calls will be terminated and anyone calling your call-in number will hear a busy signal. If your show or meeting is set to accept voicemails when not in session, it will automatically be reset so any new callers will hear a busy signal (busy signals are free).

You can opt to automatically recharge your credit card in $35, $60, $100, $250, or $500 increments to avoid reaching a zero balance, or opt-in to professional monthly billing.

If you do not have enough funds in your account to pay for your monthly phone number(s), those numbers are at risk of being suspended or released and lost. In the case of an automatic recharge rebilling failure from your credit card, we may hold onto your number for a few days to give you the opportunity to add additional funds to your account, otherwise we will attempt to notify you deposit funds to avoid losing your number.

Once a phone number has been deleted by you or forfeited, we can usually retreive it within a few days of removal. Please contact support. Recovering a deleted number will incur a $20 service fee plus the monthly cost of the line for the month, which will start a new billing cycle.

I Still Have More Questions We are happy to answer any further questions you may have about pricing or the Call In Studio product. Please visit our How it Works / FAQ section, or write to and we will be happy to assist you.

Basic Call Rate Table

  • Inbound Calls: $0.03/minute
  • Outbound Calls: $0.03/minute

Phone Number Rate Table

  • United States
    • Local: $9.00/mo + $0.03/min
    • Toll Free: $12.00/mo + $0.06/min
  • Canada
    • Local: $9.00/mo + $0.03/min
    • Toll Free: $12.00/mo + $0.06/min
  • United Kingdom
    • Local: $11.00/mo + $0.03/min
    • Mobile: $11.00/mo + $0.03/min
    • Toll Free: $13.00/mo + $0.07/min
  • Australia
    • Local: $13.00/mo + $0.03/min
    • Mobile: $18.00/mo + $0.03/min
    • Toll Free: $30.00/mo + $0.071/min
  • Austria
    • Local: $12.00/mo + $0.031/min
    • Mobile: $18.00/mo + $0.031/min
    • Toll Free: $50.00/mo + $0.48/min
  • Belgium
    • Mobile: $14.00/mo + $0.031/min
    • Toll Free: $50.00/mo + $0.38/min
  • Brazil
    • Local: $16.00/mo + $0.049/min
  • Denmark
    • Local: $13.00/mo + $0.031/min
  • Estonia
    • Local: $13.00/mo + $0.031/min
  • Finland
    • Local: $13.00/mo + $0.031/min
  • France
    • Local: $13.00/mo + $0.031/min
  • Germany
    • Local: $14.00/mo + $0.031/min
    • Mobile: $19.00/mo + $0.031/min
  • Hong Kong
    • National: $17.00/mo + $0.031/min
    • Mobile: $32.00/mo + $0.031/min
    • Toll Free: $50.00/mo + $0.137/min
  • Ireland
    • Local: $11.00/mo + $0.03/min
  • Israel
    • Local: $16.00/mo + $0.05/min
    • Mobile: $28.00/mo + $0.05/min
    • Toll Free: $22.00/mo + $0.28/min
  • Lithuania
    • Local: $14.00/mo + $0.031/min
  • Mexico
    • Local: $18.50/mo + $0.031/min
    • Toll Free: $62.50/mo + $0.06/min
  • Netherlands
    • Mobile: $16.00/mo + $0.031/min
  • New Zealand
    • Local: $16.00/mo + $0.031/min
    • Toll Free: $79.00/mo + $0.39/min
  • Singapore
    • National: $21.00/mo + $0.031/min
  • South Africa
    • Local: $15.00/mo + $0.031/min
    • National: $15.00/mo + $0.031/min
  • Switzerland
    • Local: $13.00/mo + $0.031/min
    • Mobile: $21.00/mo + $0.031/min