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How Do I Authorize Guests, Hosts, or Screeners by Caller ID?

Under the configuration page (go to My Shows and click on your show/meeting name to configure it), select the PERMISSIONS tab at the top of the page. There you will see a section called AUTHORIZE BY CALLER ID and you can enter a specific number to authorize. You can authorize specific Caller IDs as guests, hosts, and call screeners.

You may also specify how long an authorization will last by specifying: a specific date, an amount of time (e.g., ‘3 days’, ‘2 weeks’, ‘1 month’, etc.), and leaving the field blank not set an expiration date. On this page, you can also edit or delete any callers previously authorized.

Finally, you may enter a description for the authorized caller, which will be be displayed in the caller notes in the call console (see sample below).

PLEASE NOTE: Authorized callers must call your call-in line to be authenticated, and will automatically be place into your session when it is accepting calls. This is different from guests calling your specific Guest Line or hosts calling the Host/Call Screener line.

Authorized callers always bypass your call queue, so even if your call-in lines have reach their maximum settings they will be able to connect. When your session is offline, they will be treated as a regular caller and your default offline settings will prevail (e.g., hear a busy signal, leave a voicemail, etc.).

Finally, you may authorize one phone number as multiple types (i.e., guest, screener, and host). If a caller has multiple authorizations types, they will be prompted to specify which type they are calling in as (e.g., ‘to call in a host, press 1, to call in as a screener, press 2’).

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