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Multiple Call-in Numbers for One Show or Meeting

You may purchase multiple call-in numbers and assign them to a single show or meeting. Art Bell, host of Coast to Coast AM was famous for having multiple call in lines (e.g., for "East of the Rockies," "West of the Rockies," etc.), which you can duplicate with Call in Studio. You can also have a toll-free and local number assigned to your show/meeting, a foreign number and a domestic number, or myriad other configurations.

Enabling multiple call-in numbers will also reveal an option in your configuration page (go to My Shows and click on your show/meeting name) labeled "Call-in Multi-Line Configuration") allowing you to select how you'd like calls to be grouped (either Group Together or Group by Number), as well as a short label for each line (e.g., "L1" or "L2".

When calls are grouped together, the label for the number dialed will display in front of the phone number for that call. See below:

When calls are grouped by number, the label for calls in the Call Queue will be grouped by the label name (when they are moved to the host room or any other queue room, the label will be displayed in front of the caller's number). For example:

Finally, the Max Calls value you select in setup applies to all calls to your show or meeting, regardless of the number dialed. (Max Calls is the maximum number of callers allowed to simultaneously connect to your call-in lines, regardless of the call-in number dialed. When the queue is full, new callers will receive a busy signal until there is room in the queue.)

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