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What Is a Call-In (Listen Only) Line?

Under My Phone Numbers where you manage or purchase phone numbers, you have the option to assign a number as a 'Call-In (Listen Only)' line. This allows callers to dial into your show or meeting in 'Listen Only' mode. Listen-Only callers do not appear on the main host/screener console, but can hear your show/meeting while it is in progress (make sure your show or meeting is set to 'Hear Show/Meeting Audio' on the main configuration page). At the bottom of the host/screener console, a count of callers in listen-only mode is displayed.

Each show must have one call-in number assigned to it in order to accept callers. You have have both a call-in line and call-in listen-only only line, or you can assign only a listen-only line to your show or meeting.

Callers in listen-only mode can request to connect to the host by dialing '*1', and they will be added to the regular call-queue and appear in your host/screener console (if auto-screening is turned on, the call will be auto-screened at that time). Listen-only callers who are in the regular call queue may dial '*9' to abort their request to connect to the host and return to listen-only mode (this feature is not presented to callers by default, so you will need to customize your show/meeting prompts if you wish to reveal this functionality).

On the Host/Screener Console, when clicking 'Drop' on a caller who dialed a listen-only line, that caller is placed back into listen-only mode and can continue listening to your show. For listen-only callers, a 'Hangup' button is revealed if you desire to actually terminate the caller ('Ban' and 'Snooze' buttons also terminate the caller).

Please note that listen-only callers count against your Max Calls value you've set in your show/meeting's settings, and standard call rates apply. By default, Max Lines can be configured for up to 35 callers, though Call in Studio can support up to 225 callers on your account by request (please email support).

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