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Can I Allow Other Users Access to My Show/Meeting (to Host or Screen Calls)?

Yes. You can give other Call in Studio account holders access to host and/or call screen calls on your behalf. Go to My Shows, click on the show/meeting you wish to give permission to another user for, then click on the 'Permissions' tab and follow the instructions on the screen.

If the authorized user does not already have an account with Call in Studio, we will email them with an invitation to create an account, and they will automatically be given access to your show or meeting according to the permissions you've defined.

Users who have permission to screen or host your show/meeting do not need to deposit funds, and all charges related to your show or meeting will be posted to your account (such as the cost of calls). Authrorized users will not see your balance when accessing a permissioned show/meeting.

Can I Customize the Phone Prompts Callers Hear on My Show or Meeting?

How Do I Authorize Guests, Hosts, or Screeners by Caller ID?

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