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WebRTC: Connecting Callers, Screeners, and Hosts Through our Web Interface

Listeners can call your show or meeting with a Web browser using our WebRTC interface, in addition to dialing your call-in number. For shows or meetings with an international listener base, this will allow callers to connect easily through their browser rather than figuring out how to dial your call-in number.

To enable this feature, go to My Shows and click your show/meeting name to configure it. There is a field labeled 'Call in URL' and you can enter a custom URL for listeners to access the interface to call in. Share this URL with your audience to allow them call in.

Callers will be asked to enter their name and the subject they are calling about. Once their request is submitted, they will be queued to connect to your show or meeting. If there is an open line available, they will confirm their desire to connect and the call will be initiated.

On your host interface, you will see web callers connected like any other callers, and their name and what they are calling about will be populated in the note of the call. The caller's phone number will display as 'Web' followed by their public IP address they are calling from.

If you have auto-screening enabled, this step will be skipped as they've already entered this information. If you have a human screening calls, the call may still be screened by the screener and the call note can be updated by the screener.

Web callers are queued in the order they are received.

Host & Screener WebRTC Connections

Host and screener connections can also be made using a WebRTC connection. The option to connect via WebRTC is linked to when the screener starts their screening session, and a link to the Host WebRTC connection is at the bottom of the main call-in console you see after starting your show.

When clicking the link to connect via WebRTC, a new browser window will open and present you with instructions to connect. Once the call is connected, you must leave that browser window over and return back to the main host/screen console to manage your calls.

WebRTC Call Rates

WebRTC calls are billed at standard local number call-in rates ($0.03/min) and as such are only billed once a call is connected and accepted into your call queue. If you have a toll-free call in number, you still only pay for the standard local number call-in rate for Web calls.

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