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Can I Record My Show or Meeting?

Yes, though we don't recommend using Call in Studio as your primary recording. If you wish to save a recording of your show/meeting, record it locally and use Call in Studio's recording as a backup only.

Why? Call in Studio records the Host's call into the system, which means you will only be recording phone-call quality of the host. Recording locally will allow you much better audio quality as a result.

We do offer an option to record in 'Dual Channel' mode, which records the Host's audio in one channel of an MP3 file, and any caller audio in the other channel. This can be useful in more professional environments where recording the caller's audio in a separate channel can be useful.

Finally, you may also select to 'Record Screening Sessions', which will generate a recording of each call while it is in a screening room. Recordings are saved in to the 'RECs' section of your configuration pages and include the phone number of the call recorded and the date and time it was recorded.

Can I Block or Limit Certain Callers?

Can I Customize the Phone Prompts Callers Hear on My Show or Meeting?

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