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How Do I Host Multiple Shows? Do I Need Multiple Phone Numbers?

Call in Studio supports multiple show and/or meeting configurations. Go to My Shows and click the 'Create New Show/Meeting' link toward the bottom of the page. Each show or meeting will require it's own call-in number, so you may need to purchase addition phone numbers and assign them to each of your shows or meetings. This allows multiple shows/meetings to run simultaneously, take voicemails for each individual show/meeting, and have call prompts customized for each show/meeting, if desired.

Another option is to create one show/meeting in Call in Studio and name your 'show' your network or station name, rather than a specific name. This way you can use one call-in number for all your shows/meetings. When your show/meeting is live and accepting callers, by default, callers will hear your show/meeting name as configured in settings (e.g., 'Thank you for calling Free Speech Radio'), so keep this in mind when selecting this option.

A final option is to buy only one call-in number but create multiple shows/meetings within Call in Studio, and then assign that number to each show or meeting when you start it. If you choose do this, we recommend turning off the voicemail setting for all of your shows/meetings in order to avoid confusion from callers, and you would not be able to run more than one show or meeting at at time—but you would be able to customize phone prompts for each individual show/meeting you host.

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