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How Call in Studio Works / FAQ

Where's the Tutorial For Setting Up the Audio?

Because of the vast array of customers' configurations, we do not have specific tutorials for every possible setup, but YouTube and Google can be a great resource for getting this working. Try searching for “How do I Use Skype with [insert your broadcasting provider or tool here]?” (examples include: YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Speaker, SAM Broadcaster, OBS, etc.).

Once you get Skype or Google Voice connected, then you can use that to dial into our host line while broadcasting your show and control calls using our Web interface.

Some mixers, such as the Rodecaster Pro and Zoom L8, can do an automatic mix-minus for you, allowing you to easily connect a phone call to your mixing board via a wired or bluetooth connection.

We always recommend testing your setup by dialing into a regular phone number you have access to (e.g., your cell phone). Verify that the caller can hear the host/broadcast audio, and the host can hear the caller audio. One you've verified that's working, then you can use your verified setup to dial into the Call in Studio Host Line.

If you need assistance with your setup, please call or email support and we will help you as best as we can.

How Do I Connect Call in Studio to ZOOM and Similar Services?

Couldn't I Use Blog Talk Radio, Skype, or just a regular phone line to take calls?

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