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What is the Difference Between a Call-In Line and a Guest Line?

When setting up your show or meeting, you select how many open lines you wish to have for callers to dial into. While you must buy one phone number from us for callers to call, assigned as either a Call-In line or Call-In (Listen Only) line (for more on listen-only lines, click here), you select how many "virtual lines" you will have open for callers to connect to (the system default is 5 lines, but can be any number from 1 to 35, or up to 225 upon request). Once your select line limit (5 by default) is reached, additional callers will hear a busy signal and will not able to connect to your session.

What if you have a guest calling in and your call-in lines are full? We offer a special guest line that allows a guest to bypass the call-in queue and still connect to your show or meeting. Guest callers are displayed on the call console as guests so they are easily identifiable and do not count against your listener line limit. For this reason, the guest line is protected by a numerical passcode the guest must enter on their telephone keypad (along with your show/meeting number).

Call in Studio provides a global guest line for all customers to use, although if you want a customer phone number for your guest line, you may purchase one under My Phone Numbers and assign it as a guest line to your show or meeting. In addition, a custom guest line bypasses asking the guest to enter your show/meeting number and you have the option to remove the PIN code authorization requirement as well (under your configuration page, go to My Shows click on your show/meeting and then look for the 'Guest Line PIN' option).

Finally, you may authorize a guest by their Caller ID, bypassing the necessity for dialing the guest line and entering a PIN. Click to read about Authoring a Guest by Caller ID.

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