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How Do I Manually Sort Calls in the Queue?

The main call console sorts calls into various 'rooms' and as callers dial into your show or meeting and hosts or screeners move calls around as desired (e.g., the CALL-IN QUEUE, HOST ROOM, etc.). For a full discussion of the call console, click here.

Within a given room, calls are sorted first by the caller type (guests, callers, screeners, then hosts), and sub-sorted by call duration (oldest first).

You may force sub-sorting calls by adding '//' and some arbitrary text to the call note; that arbitrary text will be used sort those calls alphabetically (call notes without any '//' sorting text will be listed last). Sorting text is case-insensitive.

You may use the same sorting text to subsort call within a group (e.g., assign all callers on a particular topic to '//ab5', which will then sub-sort those calls by duration) or just enter '//' to put it at the top of the queue in a given room.

This can be useful for public meetings that are agenda-driven, so that screeners can enter the caller's information and then sort the call by topic (e.g., 'Josh from Santa Monica //1b' where '//1b' relates to topic 1B on the agenda).

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