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Couldn't I Use Blog Talk Radio, Skype, or just a regular phone line to take calls?

Yes, you could. Our system is designed for a call-in workflow format, so it allows you to queue up multiple callers, optionally screen calls before making them live, and a host of other features (such as tracking busy signals, caller and carrier name lookups, having a private guest line that bypasses the regular call-in queue, blocking spam callers, or taking voicemail when your show is offline, customizing all phone prompts, etc...), that gives your show or meeting the professional experience and seamless workflow, eliminating the clunkiness other setups.

Also, because our system works by connecting a single phone call to your audio equipment, it can integrate with almost any setup. We do not broadcast your show or meeting, which means you can broadcast in myriad ways (YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Spreaker, via an IceCAST server, over traditional radio, to an audio file to include an MP3 podcast, etc.).

If you're looking for an all-in-one solution, BlogTalk Radio or similar services can do the trick. They'll broadcast your show, make a Website for your show, possibly even allow some kind of interaction with listeners, etc., and those services can be an acceptable solution for that. However, many of our customers may not like some aspect of these services (e.g., audio quality, forced commercials, inadequate call features, etc.) and many of our customers want to control the entire experience of their show or meeting (e.g., better audio quality, broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously, host their own website, etc.). Call in Studio allows you to plug in our service into any setup for the call-in portion(s) of your show or meeting.

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